Learn how to concentrate and how to write a good English essay during class

In any English class worth anything, your teacher will eventually assign you to write an essay in class, usually with a limited amount of time. Don't panic! This is just the equivalent of a pop math quiz. Use the following tips to help you get the most out of your time and get a high grade on your essay.

  • Tip 1: Pay attention to what the essay topics will be. If your teacher spent lots of class time on one topic, that's what you're writing about. If the teacher offers a choice of topics, pick the one you know the most about.

  • Tip 2: Organize your thoughts. A good essay is straight to the point, has a clear argument if it needs one, uses material the teacher talked about or homework covered, and is spelled correctly.

  • Tip 3: Analyze what you're supposed to do. Is it a free essay about something you know? Is it a specific topic with a list of answers? Identify what to do and begin to do it.

  • Tip 4: Your thesis statement is the first sentence. In an essay like this, your teacher wants you to claim your main point or argument, and carry on from there.

  • Tip 5: Use facts to your advantage. Find common ideas and dispose of the ones that don't fit your essay. Don't talk about unrelated topics or ideas to your essay either.

  • Tip 6: Write the opening sentences for your body paragraphs. If you've decided your essay will have three body paragraphs, write the sentences for them on a separate piece of paper as well as any other ideas for the essay. You can refer back to this while writing.

  • Tip 7: Write the opening sentence for your conclusion. You'll get extra points if you can wrap the entire essay in a concise presentation, and your conclusion will help shape the rest of the essay and even give you ideas on how to finish it.

  • Tip 8: Fill in the rest of the essay. Add to the opening, body or concluding paragraphs any ideas or thoughts you have, like putting up the walls of a house after you've laid the foundation down. The conclusion is like the roof of a finished house; it caps the entire thing off and makes your essay structurally sound.

  • Tip 9: Proofread your essay for spelling and grammar. This is expected of all students in an English class, and points may be taken off if your teacher has to struggle to read your essay.

  • Tip 10: Don't forget your name! A common mistake among nervous students is to hand in well-done homework and class essays without signing their names at the top of the first page. Make sure your teacher knows how hard you worked on this, and take pride in a job well done!

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