Have you ever imagined staying out in the cold on a rainy night? Well, that may not only be the only situation in which people have found themselves. Many people stay outdoors all their life because of homelessness – a situation where people live without a defined dwelling place. Most of the homeless people are usually incapacitated to get and maintain regular, secure, safe and sufficient housing. At times, they may lack a permanent, regular and sufficient residence for the night. It is indeed a major problem affecting our society today. These harsh economic times have forced many people to make decisions that they wouldn’t want to. Homelessness has made most people vulnerable to dangers both to their physical, economic and emotional life among other aspects.

Homelessness has caused many people to live in places that are not fit for human beings. People are usually considered homeless if they sleep inside parks, cars, abandoned buildings or even in sidewalks. There are usually a lot of problems that have contributed to this situation. It is a global problem that needs good policy and governance for everybody to afford a good shelter over their heads. Such problems like these stem up from different causes. Many people today are challenged economically. They can barely earn to sustain themselves not even being able to find a home. It is indeed a humiliating affair. There issues related to homelessness do not seem to end any time soon. Even with the offers being made for nigh sleep overs, some people still miss out on these opportunities.

Human beings are not like animals and cannot live without proper housing. They need a shelter to keep them warm and sustain their life in many aspects. A home gives a sense of comfort and healing to any individual. People are forced by circumstances to squeeze themselves in very tiny spaces to spend the night there. This is still some kind of homelessness. Having a home would mean sufficient dwelling place from we get a covering for our daily lives. A home with good and adequate space provides peace of mind. This is very important for any person who has any chance of making any meaningful progress in life. It makes it possible for individuals to carry out their plans in a more organized way. It can be very expensive to hire a place to sleep out every day. The daily tenant will never rest and will continue in a perpetual state of inadequacy on all fronts.

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