Olympic Games

The Olympic Games are the best international event in sporting activities. There are two Olympic games in the current days that include the summer and winter games. Olympic Games are different from other competition because they frequently involve thousands of athletes from all over the globe that are to participate in various competitions. About two hundred nations participate in the competition making it the foremost sporting competition. They are hosted after every four years, with winter and summer games occurring two years apart every four years in an alternating way. The games were started under the inspiration of the ancient Olympic Games that used to happen in Olympia, Greece. The olympics are governed and guided by the international Olympic committee, which is functional under the Olympic Charter. Olympic movement has evolved during the last two centuries with the adjustments that include the introduction of winter Olympics Games for the winter and ice sports, youth Olympics games that involve teenage athletes and the Paralympics games for the disabled athletes.

Facts about Olympics

Early Olympics games were more of religious celebration but were banned later for claims of being pagan festivals. In 1894, the games were revived in what created the modern day Olympic Games. The first Olympic games in 1896 saw the host Greece win forty-seven medals the most in that campaign. The United States and Norway have claimed the most medals than any other country at the summer and winter games respectively. The Olympic rings are usually five and they represent the major five regions of the world. The five colors represented by the Olympic ring are included in all the national flags in the world. Olympic Games used to be held after every four years until 1994 when winter and summer games started to alternate every two years. Africa, Antarctica and South America are the only continents to have never hosted the Olympics games and also not more than four athletes have ever won medals in both the summer and winter games.


Sir Ludwig Guttmann determination to rehabilitate soldier who participated in the Second World War, made him organize a multi-sport event that involved several hospitals. The event that coincided with the London Olympics in 1948 became a sports festival the occurred annually. In 1960 Olympics in Rome, Sir Ludwig brought about 400 athletes to participate in the ‘parallel Olympics’ which became to be known as the Paralympics. From that time, in every Olympic year the Paralympics have also been held and in the same host city as the Olympics.

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