How to Focus on Writing an Essay: Hints to Consider

One of the key skills you will learn in your university education is writing, especially essay writing. It is important to understand that essay writing is a skill that has to be learnt and practiced. When you will be writing essays, you will be graded from the early weeks to the very end of your degree program.

The essay writing skills will be used regularly even when you leave university education, irrespective to the career you choose. Essay writing tends to cover the wide variety of scenarios that need to be clear and persuasive. It helps in arguing that why you should be selected for a job you are applying for, sustaining your career in journalism, presenting products at various forums, writing lectures for students, or in other tasks.

It is therefore important to attain skills on writing a good essay. In this write-up, we have covered some key hints helpful in writing an essay.

  • Should not only Include a List
  • While writing an essay, you should go for insights, besides listing the points. Tutors are not impressed by random different colored underlining of the listings.

  • Include Argument, Interpretation and Analysis
  • An essay should consist of argument, interpretation and analysis with extended and narrative approach. In order to achieve this task, you need to work both at the sentence level and paragraph level. The paragraph includes logically connected sentences that focus on one or two ideas that seem appropriate to your argument.

  • Do Not Use Very Small and Disconnected Sentences
  • It takes practice to develop a sense, when you can introduce a new paragraph and when you need to finish it. Connecting phrases and words should be used such as furthermore, in addition, however, moreover, and others.

  • How to Prepare an Essay
  • There are several stages involved in essay writing and preparation such as picking key points to consider, decide upon how you can easily deal with them and how to write an essay proficiently.

    Primarily, you should look at the statement in the essay question. You need to make sure that you understand what is being asked, as misunderstanding can be fatal for the essay writing.

    Identify important points you want to discuss upon. There are numerous points that you find interesting, but make sure that it is related to the essay question.

    A short and well structured essay pointing on some specific points is quite better than an awkward attempt to include every point.

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