Moving Upstream To Improve Population Health Down The Road


A growing body of proof is connecting adult persistent disease to processes, and experiences are occurring decades before these diseases manifest themselves. The community health experts’ main challenge is to uphold a better perceptive of the conditions of premature life and to forward guidelines to help individuals whose health eventually depends on the public and the family unit. The challenge in people healthiness is finding out how to manage premature life to generate good health in later years.

Life starts in the womb of the loving grandmother, and the establishment of the wellbeing begins in the initial five years of living. In the United States, the primary cause of death is heart disease setting massive poignant and financial burden. Maternal diet have an effect on the growth of the placenta and weight of the newborn at delivery, which are interpreters of heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and hypertension later in life. After the birth of the infant, the diet of the toddler and baby also impact wellbeing of the person excellent into the next creation. Stress on the unborn and the growth of the placenta impact the growth of the immune system, other metabolic lanes and still the phenotypic appearance of genes.

However, there are challenges facing the capability to tackle the upstream health correlated problems. The first problem is the value and precedence of the modern learning structure. The connection between earnings disparity and health affects educational routine and these inequalities, for example, low health literacy outlines health disparities. The second challenge is the tax policy, which is a benefit to the wealthy and to businesses that are not recommendable for the health of the State. For example, in Sweden, the tax rates are high and needs one year of maternity leave has a much lower earnings breach and improved health results, and this is an advantage to all, including the wealthy.


In conclusion, population health is a global challenge and the primary determinant on how to control premature life to make good wellbeing in later years. However, a way out can be reached by putting more emphasis on healthy wellbeing for both the mother and the children. Another solution is creating an equality society that put emphasis on caring and sharing.

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