Celebrity Influence Versus Parental Influence

Celebrity influence is the situation where celebrities influence their fans to behave in a particular manner as high regarded celebrities depict it in their movies, shows, music and publications. The behaviour is altered towards a particular lifestyle that encompasses social habits that are in agreement with societal or parental norms and values. In most cases, celebrities are associated with a life of short-term relationships, alcohol and drugs.

On the other hand, the parental advice is a situation where parents act as role models for their kids by constantly guiding and advising their children towards a particular lifestyle that is accepted in the society. In most cases, parents always want the best for their children in terms of social and career development and thus they struggle to keep their children away from the negative media and teen influence.

  • The reasons behind high celebrity influence in comparison to parental influence.
  • We are living in a technological era and access to the tabloids is now easier than ever before. There are magazine covers, television sets, and movies screaming to be watched and read and internet blogs all plastered with images of these highly-perceived celebrities. Parents tend to believe that the life of these celebrities is not ideal, but their fans tend to disagree. In an era where we are in frequent contact with celebrity gossip than we have ever had superstars or celebrities have significant influences on the youth.

    Celebrities influence fans to put harmful substances in their bodies and be destructively thin through the content put by these celebrities in movies, on television and the internet. According to a recent American research, young girls are more influenced by celebrities than young boys. The influence is especially evident in their attitudes and appearance. Through the impossible standards of beauty created by celebrities, more and more young adults are feeling angrier, less confident and more dissatisfied with their looks. In addition, in recent years most parents are occupied with work and are not always at home, kids have access to movies, shows and internet blogs that tells them things and issues that parents should be left to explain.

  • Ways of dealing with celebrity influence and foster parental influence.
  • Since there is no possible way to terminate the media frenzy, influential teachers, attentive parents and helpful friends are excellent counterbalances to the problem. Also, stars or celebrities should be more aware of their images as most are allowing younger fans to access contents that most parents and guardians do not want their child seeing.

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