• Background
  • What is desirable is that a student avoid wrongful quotes of language from previously published work and presenting it as original work. All work that is presented publicly should be original. The concept of originality in writing came out of Europe in the 1800”s. A professional writer must be honorable and ethical. Dishonesty in writing can elicit repercussions from authorities.

    Plagiarius, the Latin word for plagiarism, means, “kidnap”. The term indicates that someone has stolen a literary work. Plagiarism is not illegal. It does not involve the breakage of law. It is considered a moral infringement.

    When one conceives of a composition, the topic is either original or assigned. One’s job is to research and reference the subject matter without making an inappropriate quote (quote without giving credit to the original author).

  • Sources
  • It is best to gather several sources from which to glean a topic sentence. The student should begin each paragraph with a topic sentence.

    All efforts should be made to keep all work original. Reference material should be read thoroughly (as many sources should be gathered as possible). The author should determine his particular bias on the subject in question. In other words, the author could benefit from stating his opinion on the subject at hand. Oftentimes a careful outworking of the thesis statement can do this.

  • Composition
  • It should be clear by now that after the student makes his opening statement and each ensuing topic sentence, it is incumbent upon him to prove or explain the thesis or topic sentence. He or she is to develop the theme of his topic and thesis statement in each ensuing paragraph.

    This may be done in any number of ways. After reading the reference material, it is necessary to synthesize the material in an orderly fashion. The student may construct an outline that presents the material in a manner that makes sense to the author. If the paper is organized around the student’s own personal bias or opinion, there is more likelihood that it will be original.

    People read to get the author’s opinion. They are looking for new material, something different. All that is necessary is for the author to substantiate his work. This is the purpose for the reference material. All that is asked is for the thesis and topic sentences to be original.

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