Creating strong argument essay topics

Argument essays are different from persuasive essays in that here you are “arguing” the validity of your statement AGAINST its reverse. While in a persuasive essay, you are gentler: the job is to convince by persuasion without argumentation.

Creating a strong argument essay topic requires a bit of innovation and some finesse. The topic has to be intriguing and interesting. Most students choose done-to-death topics such as “Smoking Should Be Illegal.” Although it is, a pressing issue and we all know that millions die an early death because of cigarette smoking; it is something that will make your audience groan.

A more creative twist to a common statement or issue makes it more attractive for careful reading and is likely to be graded better. For example, instead of writing an essay on “Smoking Should Be Illegal,” you could write an essay on “Smoking on Campus Should/Should Not Be Punishable with Expulsion.” Alternatively, “Cigarette Advertisements Should Be Banned On TV.”

The trick is to pick something that is relevant and interesting for you and then makes a list of angles that it can be explored from. A big and extensive issue can be divided into smaller parts and an essay written on one of the sub-issues. For example, “Smoking during Pregnancy Should Be a Punishable Offence.” Alternatively, “There Should Be Higher Taxes On Cigarette Sellers.”

Another interesting argument is you take up a topic and argue against a popular view or belief. For instance, “Cigarette Smoking on Campus Should Be allowed.” Well, only if you can create a good argument FOR smoking ON campus!

You can look around and online for some inspiration. There are people and websites and Google to help you find the topic you are looking for. You might even stumble upon a great topic while walking down the street or hanging out with friends.

Google can be your best friend in searching for a topic. Many websites and blogs have lists of argument essay topics and some of these lists are actually great. Some websites offer personalized help with all kinds of homework and assignments. These sites require you to register and registration is usually free. Most sites will charge a fee for their services, so think carefully, do you really need an agency to select a topic?

If you are considering online homework, help services then make a list of various kinds of assistance you might need in future and then find a reliable service provider.

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