Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was born on 1st June, 1926 in Los Angeles in California. Monroe was not her real name. Her real name was Norma Jeane Mortensen. Jeane was later baptized to Norma Jeane Baker. During her brief life, Monroe went through various hardships in her childhood which made her to become among the leading and most enduring symbols of sex. Monroe never knew her biological father in her entire life. Although there were some suggestions that Clark Gable was Monroe’s father, there was no any proof to those suggestions. While still Monroe was a small child, Gladys, Monroe’s mother developed mental disorder and was in due course taken to psychiatric institution.

Marilyn Life in Orphanage

Monroe spent most of her life in orphanage and foster care while she was growing up. In 1937, Grace and Doc Goddard, Monroe’s family friends decided to take care of young Monroe. The couple was highly religious and followed strict religious doctrines. Monroe was not even allowed to watch movies apart from other prohibited practices. Unfortunately, in 1942 Doc’s job was transferred to the East Coast and the Goddard’s were unable to take Monroe with them.

Monroe had no option but to return to an orphanage life where she was often sexually abused. At just age of eleven years, the poor Monroe claimed to have been raped. Little Monroe had no option but to wed Jimmy Dougherty, her boy friend so as to avoid sexual assaults. Monroe decided to drop out of school at age of fifteen years and got married to jimmy the following year.

Marilyn Achievements

After a short while since Monroe got married, jimmy who was working as a marine was send to the South Pacific. Monroe also got a job with Munitions Company in Burbank in California, where she met with a certain photographer. By the time jimmy came back in 1946, Monroe had successfully established herself as a modeler and she had as well changed her name to present famous Marilyn Monroe in preparation for her passionate acting career. Lana turner and Jean Harlow, famous actresses were Monroe’s role models.

Monroe divorced with jimmy in 1946 after Monroe signed contract for her first ever film. However, it was until nineteen fifties when Monroe acting career picked up. Later on, Monroe joined Hollywood Film Company although initially she was not thought as a key acting material. As time goes on, Monroe proved herself in few opportunities she was provided. Her outstanding performance and skills made her to capture audiences’ attention and win many honors.

Monroe died in a suspicious situation on 5th august, 1962 in her home in Los Angeles. The cause of her death has never been discovered though it was ruled as drugs overdose by government officials.

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