The Effects Of Divorce On The Adjustment Of Children

The effects of divorce on children are varied. They could include psychological, economic, physical, and other social problems which could negatively impact on the children’s adjustment after a divorce. The effects of divorce on children’s adjustment depend on individual characteristics of children of the divorcees. Some children are more resilient and thus heal within a short period after divorce than ones who are less resilient. Irrespective of whether a child is less resilient to the effects of divorce or not, divorce carries potential negative consequences on children’s adjustment.

Firstly, it is without a doubt that there are many children who live normal lives after parental divorce. However, quite a number of children whose parents undergo divorce tend to stand higher likelihoods of running into emotional as well as physical problems. It is also not uncommon for children of divorced parents to feel lonely. The problem of loneliness is a complex one that includes quite a number of variables. Divorcee mothers may be forced to spend more time working in order to provide for their children. In equal measure, some fathers may gradually drift away from their children several years after divorce hence creating a void of paternal attention to children. Children who are subjected to feelings of loneliness as a consequence of losing a parent would tend to become delinquent as means of expression their disgust at the loss of a parental attention after divorce.

Secondly, on average children of divorcees tend to record lower academic performances as compared to their counterparts from intact family backgrounds. Reasons for low academic performances among children of divorced parents are manifold. Some of the most common reasons include parental lack of adequate time to devote to monitoring children’s academic performance at school. Children to such parents may also develop rebellious attitudes which are not conducive for effecting learning both at school and at home. Divorced parents may also suffer financial strain to afford private tuition, learning resources, educational toys, and other educational resources to support their children’s learning both at school and home.

In conclusion, it is poignant to state that research findings show that divorce could psychologically, physically, economically, and academically retard children’s growth. Therefore, children from such parental backgrounds should be handled with due care to help them recover from negative impacts of divorce.

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