How Do You Pick Up Creative Essay Topics?

Creative essays – there are so many topics, yet so few can come to mind when you are confronted with an assignment of writing one.

What do you write about when there seems to be nothing interesting inside your head?

Well, you’re in the wrong mood then. Anything around you can be worth writing about. You can literally write about anything in the world and make it sound interesting or mysterious from your own unique perspective.

The tale about the pregnant cat from your street can turn into a western philosophy essay at some point. You can fantasize about how your town will look 50 years from now, or reminisce about your sweet childhood days in the sunshine so that the reader will drown in your essay for as long as it lasts. It’s all about your own personal experience and philosophy, backed by curiosity and imagination.

If you’re having a hard time coming up with a specific topic, here are six hints you can use to find your answer:

  • Write from your heart. Think of a topic you can relate to in a personal way, the one you have experience with. Surely, there are several. This will make a significant difference because such essays usually end up to be much more capturing, realistic and interesting. Be sincere about your views and your questions.

  • Look around you, go outside, question everything. See which things, notions, people or situations capture your attention the most. Trace what kinds of questions pop up in your head when you observe those. Try answering those questions. Anything interesting? You should write about it.

  • Write about the things you know you love. Describe your good times with your trusted BMX, your favourite pet or raise the problem of songwriting. Write about writing confuse your reader with a little recursion! Don’t overdo it though. Be an honest writer, be real and you will immediately come up with what to write about.

  • Raise a complex question that bugs you and research it. If you’re interested in finding out an answer, you can make it interesting for other people. Don’t be afraid to dabble in the unknown, or unrealistic, make it work for you.

  • Change the angle. Even if your topic of choice seems to have been used many times already, you can always weirdly specify it, or look at it from a brand new perspective, thus creating a new and creative topic.

  • Make a list using all of the above. It’s easy to forget what you were going to write about after a day or two. Accumulate and map your ideas, you will eventually have a heap of material to choose from.

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