High School Essays Samples: Bright Ideas You Can Use

High school students learn in a variety of different ways. Some learn by doing, some learn by listening, and some learn by reading. There are many students who learn by seeing an example and studying it, which is why so many teachers show essay examples to their students. If your teacher does not show you examples of high school essays, then you need to be able to find some on your own. Fortunately, there are several places that you can look to find good essays with bright ideas that you can use. When you find samples, you should never copy them and claim them as your own, but samples can be used as templates so you know what parts of the essay should go where.

  • Check Out What Colleges Have to Offer
  • One of the best places for high school essay samples is the college website. Many colleges offer free writing websites to their students and the general public. These writing labs usually include examples of every type of writing, so you can find argumentative, persuasive, cause and effect, and informative essay samples. While the samples are geared towards collegiate level writing, you can always use the samples for your high school assignments. The college writing labs also include explanations about the samples, so you can see how to write a good thesis or what makes a conclusion effective. These bright solutions will help you get the sample you need and learn from it, too.

  • Visit Writing Blogs to Find Good and Bad Examples
  • You can also turn to writing blogs to find high school essay examples. Some teachers keep writing blogs where they show good and bad sample essays. If you do use a writing blog, make sure that you are looking at a good essay. You might find good ideas about creating topics or effective ways to include evidence in your body paragraphs while reading writing blogs.

  • Standardized Test Websites Have Sample Essays, Too
  • Standardized test websites also usually include sample essays. Since many of the standardized tests include essay portions, they will include samples that students can use to see what essays earn high scores and low scores. While you might not be writing for a standardized test, the sample essays can give you good ideas about interesting introductions or useful transitions. When it comes to samples, we take what we can get and learn from them.

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