How Do I Compose An Essay About My Favorite Food?

Food is an interesting subject to write about due to several reasons. The most prominent being it is a basic necessity that every human being can relate to and feel for. When you are supposed to write about very basic instincts like hunger and emotions like love or anger, you can create great papers about them in about no time. This is mainly because you already have enough data about them in your mind and you do not have to research much on it. For instance, while reading this so far, you must have thought about your favorite food once or more. You can even feel the taste of your favorite food, describe its smell, tell its advantages, recall its recipe or feel a craving for it at the moment. This means without any research you already have so many things in your mind. Similar is the case for student of any level. Whenever you have to write an essay about basic instincts, emotions or feelings, you can gather most of the data from the brain itself. If you still feel you are lacking enough valuable information or evidence depending upon the essay type, you can go ahead and use other sources to collect relevant materials.

To make it simple, here are few steps you can follow to create an essay about your favorite food

  1. Know the type of the assignment
  2. This one is critical because an argumentative paper would have a different tone and style as compared to informative one. You must be clear about the type of the assignment so that you can easily choose the topic and data accordingly

  3. Decide what you want to talk about
  4. Decide which food you are going to talk about in your paper and why is it so important. Make sure you have enough of a reason to write about this food

  5. Write what you have in mind
  6. First, make a list of all the information you can recall from your mind about the subject and see what areas are lacking.

  7. Research for more data
  8. Use the web, library, books and other sources to gather more information if necessary

  9. Create an outline
  10. Organize the data you have collected so far in an outline

  11. Start writing
  12. Write your paper

  13. Post write
  14. Edit and proofread once you are done with the writing phase.

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