10 Suggestions For Writing An 8th Grade Argumentative Essay On Plastic Surgery

An argumentative essay gives a reader the opportunity to have an overview about a certain topic. It factors in all the relevant issues of that specific topic. Moreover, it tries to convince the reader to have the same perception as that of the author. Below are 10 tips that will guide you in tackling this topic:

  • Understand the purpose, methodology and outcome. The main purpose is to investigate about plastic surgery. Therefore, this involves thorough research. Use a method that will clearly and logically guide your audience through the entire work. The desired expectation is to draw people toward your own point of view.
  • Factor in your audience. Understanding your readers is a very important aspect for every piece of work. Whichever group of people it is you are writing to, understand from which angle to start. Also, have the knowledge of their backgrounds, language and experiences.
  • Conduct a research. You will need to go through a wide number of books and other sources to search for information to back up your views and opposing opinions.
  • Have an attractive title. Your readers will first judge your work by its title. This is what will determine whether you have achieved your purpose or not.
  • Create a thesis statement. The thesis statement you develop should be clear and concise. It should be a summary of your views on the subject of discussion and should be written as the last statement of your introduction paragraph.
  • Have an introduction. This section briefly highlights and explains the subject topic. In addition, lay a foundation that will create room for familiarization with the topic.
  • Have a body. This is the point where you fully explain yourself and your findings. Remember to include opinions from the opposing side. However, they should not outweigh your points.
  • Have a conclusion. This section is only meant to restate your argument, as you try to persuade your readers to support your views. Ensure no new information is introduced at this section.
  • Cite your sources of reference. Always cite all the sources of information that you used for your paper. There are several ways you can use for citation. It all depends on which formatting style you choose - APA, MLA or Chicago.
  • Edit your work. It is possible that your work has got grammatical or spelling errors in it. Take time and carefully go through your work and make the necessary corrections.

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