Literary Essay Topics: How To Find A Good One

Not all students are comfortable writing a term paper. A number are very good in mathematics or science and yet have difficulty expressing themselves on paper. Having some examples of literary essay topics to look at is very helpful for these people. It lets them think of what would be the best subject to write on. Here are few places to look.

  • The Sunday Paper. Publications such as the New York Times have inserts that are devoted to the latest books on the market, including literary fiction. The analyses are ordinarily no more than 1500 words and provide excellent examples of the kind of subject matter which can be developed into superior essays.

  • Literary Journals. The library has these and they can be found in the current periodical stacks. These are scholarly treatises on literary topics and the language is highly formalized. It is up to you the words you choose and keep in mind the audience for whom you are writing. You can find quite a few topical ideas in the pages of these journals.

  • Internet Searches. The search engine is a powerful tool for research and it is also a great mean of finding the examples you may want to see. The right words in the search will harvest a large number of possibilities. You can easily find biographical information on the authors, literary criticism of various characters, and some thoughts about the plot you didn’t know before. These are all fertile ground for the title and content of your work. By the way, go beyond the first page of the results. What you really need to see may be on pages two or three.

  • Ask Your Teacher. It is a very simple thing to do and this person really does want to help you. It is possible your instructor has some compositions from the past and you might be able to see some of them. The subjects covered can give you a few ideas for the one you will choose to write on.

The topic has to be something you can write more than one hundred words on. While you may have narrowed the search down to just a few, be sure the subject has sufficient information about it to make your writing efforts worthwhile. Writing this type of composition requires some thought and analysis, but it isn’t impossible to do at all. With the right theme to focus on the term paper you produce can be a stellar work of prose.

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