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Jane Eyre is an incredible book and as a student you are more than likely to be tasked with reading it at some point during your academic career. You might have to write an essay about it once you are done too. But unless you are given an exact topic on which to write, you might have some trouble figuring out what you should write about. So take a moment to review the possible essay topics below and see if any of them strike you:

  • Write about the ways in which Jane Eyre was influenced by the Gothic novel.

  • Write about the different elements of the Gothic novel that contributed to the book.

  • Write about the meaning of the different names in the novel. Consider examples such as “miss temple”, “reed”, “Jane Eyre” , “Lowood” , or “Gateshead.

  • Write about Jane as the character and as the narrator. Focus on the voice she has and how she represents her personal actions.

  • Write about whether Jane is trustworthy as a story teller or if as a reader you are forced to read between her narrative lines.

  • Write about the role that Jane plays as the moral center to the novel. Consider how the other characters treat her cruelly.

  • Write about the ways in which this book could be considered a feminist novel. Discuss the points in the novel that are made regarding the position that women were put into and how they were treated during Victorian society. Pay attention to the treatment of marriage in the novel and discuss whether should might be considered anti-feminist.

  • Write about the role that is played by Jane’s social position and how this determines most of the conflict within the novel.

  • Write about the different points made by the novel regarding social class

  • Write about whether the novel reinforces social prejudices from Victorian society or criticizes them. For this, consider the treatment that is received by Jane as a governess as well as the treatment of other servants. Also consider the attitude of Jane toward the poor students at Morton.

  • Write about Bertha compared to Jane or write about Blanche compared to Jane. Think about how these characters (or any other two characters in the novel) compare and contrast each other. Discuss how these contrasts help to development of major themes within the book.

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