Can Social Media Make You Anti-Social?

Social media is making one effectively less social. Most people are connected to various digital devices that keep them connected socially through most parts of the day, albeit for a few through most part of the night. It is evident that face to face interaction has become much lesser than what it used to be since people keep track of each other’s life through Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Gtalk and various other social networking websites. The number of times that conversations are discreetly put on hold, due to the ongoing texting activity are increasing which points out disconnect that has cropped up between individuals.

During ones formation years, it was instilled that manners meant to be attentive to ones listeners and receptive towards their conversation. With the exponential growth of smart phones and tablets in the market, manners have taken a back seat while making habits which would have been considered rude, a norm in the today’s world. Though one can argue that social media has made one more social by connecting them to family and friends who are geographically located elsewhere through conversations over networking sites. But statistics show that about 24% people have missed important events in their lives by finding it on social media. It is ironic that platforms which are created to get people closer have actually made them detached and at times insensitive towards their surroundings. It also raises issues such as internet stalking and cyber bullying which leads to suicides in extreme cases due to depression and loneliness.

Though social media is highly influential in the current scenario due to the number of people it engages, it’s a personal choice to let it impact one in an anti social manner. It a choice that one has to make to dedicate the right amount of time to social media and other activities. It is not entirely correct to paint social media in a completely dark light because in times when it difficult to have a face to face interaction it is when social media comes as a rescue. Also many friendships and relationships blossom over social media when physical meetings cannot be done. At the end of the day it is not necessary to like all posts on Facebook or reverting to all text immediately. An optimum balance of prioritizing personal agenda and social media should be achieved for keeping the anti social behavior at bay.

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