In the recent times, social media has been one of the platforms to fatten returns on investments. This is ventured to attract customers hence widening revenue and benefit pathway despite that it takes little more time to build momentum, and the returns are not always guaranteed as expected.

Social media can be beneficial to a business organization in several ways.


Social media serves as one of the best ways of refining a community. You have an instant access to your followers when they become part of your community. Through this, you can create a platform in which your audiences can freely share their suggestions, challenges, likes and dislikes of what you offer. This mode of dialog can be of great value just like any other paid market research.

Persuade power

As your coverage widens, you persuade power opens up. A significant social media is fashioned in which opportunities like joint venture partnership, attracting new customers, and media interviews germinate. For instance, when you see a crowd floated on something, eyes are so persistent to see what the upheaval is all about. This implies that big audience attracts interest.

Brand recognition

Social media is one of the most efficient was of building a brand of a company. The company decides the view in which customers should know the company objectives and ambitions. However, this requires a consistent effort while building the brand reputation in connection to company's benefits and values.

Website traffic

According to Noor, website traffic can be generated through social media. This can be done by sharing contents like videos, blog post and other beneficial substances to give audiences a reason to visit your website. Once you have them, now you can show enthusiasm towards them in order to schedule free consultations, sign up for automated mail list, or do some purchase. A business organization can use applications like Google Analyst to monitor how social media brings traffic. At this time, the company should stimulate a call of action to ease conversion of this extra traffic into business opportunity.

Competitive advantage

It is a fact that most companies do not take social media a serious strategy of fetching more customers. On the same opening, if you decide to quit social media, your competitors will have an upper hand to incarcerate your audience.

Repeat exposure

Powell discusses about the old marketing adage states that it takes about six to eight times of publicity of a product for the customer to purchase. Social media can be the best way to remind the customers repeatedly, and this can dramatically reduce sales cycles of the company .


Marketing is all about rebuilding the brand, which is very vital for any business organization in enabling differentiation hence competitive advantage. This implies that a company should find a state of building its brand, and this can effectively be done by use of social media.

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