Tips helping you to write a good in class essay

If you are struggling to learn, you might need some additional help. This means that you first:

1. Identify your homework problems.

Research indicates that students should be doing ten minutes of homework per grade level. So a first grade student should be doing ten minutes of homework, while a tenth grade student should be doing one hundred minutes of homework each night. With good study skills, many students can cut this time in half. But if you find that you are not completing your homework regularly in the designated amount of time, and it is in fact taking much longer, then something may not be right.

  • Maybe you need to be more organized.
  • Maybe you need to integrate some learning strategies.

Homework and essay writing should not be a source of stress or a source of frustration. So take measures to ensure it does not become one.

Once this is done you can start to think differently about your homework.

2. Think of your homework as your study guide

Many students rush to get their homework done, just so that it is done and off the list of things to-do. They don’t think about their homework in the right manner. Homework is part of “active learning” wherein you use it as a study guide. Doing it should not just be about hunting for the right answer and turning it in for a grade. It should be about connecting the information you learned in class to more practice problems or writing assignments outside of class. Ask yourself how your homework assignments can help you prepare for the next test or study for the next quiz. This will help you think about your homework differently, not just something you have to get done. When you take a moment to truly think about what you are doing and why, you end up getting things done much faster.

You will find great success academically speaking by using these tips and learning strategies. These study skills are not often taught in the classroom and therefore, students are left to flounder in the sea of learning without a system for success. Students who are already doing well in class can use these skills to get even better grades. Students who are struggling in a particular class will find that they are no longer struggling. It is really as simple as being taught how to study, something most classrooms never integrate.

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