How To Write Descriptive Essays: List Of Ideas

Three ways to write a descriptive essay:

  • Way one:
  • Choose what you want to write about, make a thesis statement, write down some words under each one of the five senses, choose which words are the most attractive and then make an outline based on those words, each paragraph will be another point

  • Way two:
  • Write your essay in whatever way makes sense to you; meaning the flow of things, start with the introduction paragraph and then be sure to write a topic sentence at the start of each of the paragraphs in the body of the essay, each essay will be written about whatever the topic sentence is for that paragraph, in each paragraph there needs to be details that involve the senses in which support what your thesis says, and then write the conclusion

  • Way three:
  • Quickly throw together the essay, write whatever comes to mind and in the order it comes, once you are done take a break from it all, after a few hours or maybe even a day or so go back and read what you have written with whoever the audience is supposed to be in mind, read your essay out loud, you should also get a few other people to read your essay so you can use their feedback to help you edit your paper and make sure that other people can grasp the point you are trying to get across, check for spelling errors, grammar errors, punctuation errors, and any other kind of mistakes that there may be in the essay, spice up your essay with personality, adjectives, metaphors, similes and more.

Suggestion of descriptive essays topics:

  • The process of how someone can buy something from online
  • The process of how someone can reduce their weight
  • How someone can properly be able to climb a mountain
  • How someone can get rich without stealing from other people
  • The process of how light seems to be able to travel so fast
  • The process of how sound waves can travel
  • How someone can get a loan from a bank
  • How someone can get a peaceful night of sleep
  • The process of how toothpicks are made
  • The process of how football was invented
  • How someone can learn how to type very fast
  • How someone can learn how to ride a bike
  • The process of how someone can polish shoes
  • The process of how someone can make a website of their own

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