Easy Pointers To Help You Write A Great Process Essay

Process, or instructive essays, explains how something is done or something happens. An effective process essay will leave the reader informed and hopefully a little more at ease regarding the topic.

Writing a ‘how to’ might seem easy, but if you haven’t done it before or aren’t doing it write, it can read like a very mundane list, which nobody would be interested in completing.  With this in mind, you don’t want to pick a topic that is complicated or one that is painfully simple.

Find some middle ground

  • Don’t use a topic that just sounds like directions. This isn’t an E-book or an instruction manual.
  • Think of something fun. Not necessarily cheap and cheerful, but worthy of ten minutes worth of your reader’s attention.

As mentioned, there are a couple of ways to go with a process essay. They are useful to show how something is done and explain a process completed by someone else or by natural means. Make sure you are clear in your own mind with which process essay you are writing before you confuse yourself AND the reader.

The tone of this essay is very important and needs to be set immediately. As strong tone lets the reader know you are in control and they can read assured knowing they are in capable hands.

Setting the tone

  • A short list with very little description is not a process essay. You need to incorporate the human element into this piece.
  • Reel your reader in with a story, so even if they might not be interested in your process per se, they may like the story enough to keep reading just to see the process through.

Another element of a great process essay is letting the reader know that while all the steps are important, they should pay special attention to a certain instruction, one critical piece of information that adds another layer to the human element and shows the reader how you as the writer are looking out for them, helping to share the knowledge and create a bond with the reader that will keep them reading. Do not confuse the advice offered in the last sentence with making a sleazy sales pitch-this is an informative essay and needs to be treated as such. Just be sure to respect the informative elements as much as the personal touch a good process essay deserves.

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