What Is The Philosophy That Drives You?

We all, as we develop into adults, find a particular way of living. All of our experiences, all of the people with whom we come into contact, impart something to us, which goes towards what might be called an ‘implicit philosophy of living’. In other words, whether we know it or not, each of us has a set of non-explicit principles which determine the ways that we encounter the word. My personal philosophy, resultant from my experiences, is: ‘do as little harm, and as much good in the world as is possible, in each instance where another’s feelings are involved. This has, as my argument will demonstrate, positive and negative impacts on my life.

In the positive class of impacts from my philosophy is that, when I deal with other people, I tend to be very mindful of their needs, their feelings, and their self-awareness. Wherever possible, I key my personal behaviour to minimize any potential negative feelings in the person in question. For example, if I meet someone who values their knowledge of any given subject, and sees this as bound to their identity, I make sure not to undermine this, even if I may know more. In this way, I out the other person’s feelings before my own.

Of course, what this means is that I tend, in many instances, to allow other people’s concerns to outweigh mine. What this risks is an attenuation of my sense of self, particularly if the given instance relates to something which is also important for my identity. This way of living, while selfless, to a degree, can sometimes lead to people taking advantage, and of perceiving me as weak, which can result in my anger, and eventual bad feeling. So, the balance needs to be kept in mind when applying this particular philosophy.

It is unavoidable to have a philosophy of living. And, it is seemingly beneficial, for all, that that philosophy is one which results in happiness and not unhappiness. But a philosophy cannot be rigid, as life is forever changing. Therefore, I personally need to determine whether my approach to life is relevant on a case by case basis. When it works, it makes myself and others happy, when it does not, it makes others happy and me angry, which in turn makes the other unhappy.

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