Writing In Details: Making A Basic 5 Paragraph Essay 

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Writing a five paragraph essay is not as hard as many students think. All it needs to have is a meaningful topic, relevant data, unique ideas, strong body, supporting evidence and a good summary. You can easily write a basic essay consisting of five paragraphs if you know the structure.

What is a 5-paragraph essay?

Before you learn how to write a five paragraph essay, it is important to understand that what are these paragraphs about and how they are divided. You also need to find out the purpose of each paragraph and its contribution in the entire essay. Here is what a five paragraph essay means

  • The introduction-1 paragraph
  • The body-3 paragraphs
  • The conclusion-1 paragraph

It is important to notice that the body paragraphs may or may not exceed three in number. This depends upon your major arguments.

  • What to include in these paragraphs
  • Now that you know the division of paragraphs in an essay, you need to learn what these paragraphs should include.

  • The opening paragraph or introduction of your essay
  • The introduction is the first paragraph in your essay. This is where you represent your topic and give a slight overview about your essay. However, you cannot show the conclusion in this paragraph. You need to leave a certain element for building curiosity. This way you will be able to hook your audience and they will want to know more about your essay. Some students include the thesis statement in the introduction paragraph. It is up to you whether you include a thesis statement or not, however if you do, it should come by the end of your introduction.

  • The body of your essay
  • The body of a five paragraph essay consists of three paragraphs. These are basically the major arguments of your essay. When you outline your essay you develop three major arguments and then include supporting evidence. It can either be news, real life examples, demographic data, statistical figures and government records. The supporting points should add value to your major argument. You need to remember that each of the body paragraphs must have similar data and should be unique. You cannot discuss similar ideas in two different paragraphs.

  • The concluding or last paragraph
  • The last paragraph in your essay is the conclusion. It is the summary of your essay and needs to be precise.

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