Women Empowerment

The idea of women empowerment is based on a number of principles. Firstly, promotion of education and professional development of women should be encouraged in all sectors. It is therefore suggested that a high-level corporate leadership should be established with the aim of ensuring that gender equality prevails in the work environment. Secondly, women should access health facilities to enhance their well being. They should also work and live in safe environments. Thirdly, women should not be discriminated at work or in any other setting. Particularly, they should not be denied their basic human rights. Equality should therefore be promoted through community initiatives. Further reports should be published on the progress of gender equality course. In the least, women should be empowered economically, socially and politically.

The idea of women empowerment came about after the realization that many women were not allowed to participate in the leadership of communities even when they had the necessary qualifications. Yet, they were successful as decision makers in the home setting and aspects regarding their well being. More so, there were no chances of finding leadership opportunities because of lack of education and awareness on the issue. Still, the society did not embrace the idea of women leadership because of cultural and religious limitations. However, the 21st woman has been empowered because of training, education, better legislation, efforts of activists, initiatives by non-governmental organizations, and democracy.

Women empowerment can be categorized into: political empowerment, social empowerment, and economic empowerment. Political empowerment implies offering leadership positions in all the arms of government to ensure that women can participate in policy making and the implementation process. Economic empowerment entails that women are allowed to access of resources. They should also be at liberty to make decisions concerning their resources with the aim empowering of communities and families. Socially, women are librated from exploitation and discrimination in the society so that they can reach their full potential.

For a woman to be empowered, barriers in cultural or social systems have to be broken. A room must also be created at the institutional level to ensure that the principles of the empowerment thrive. Such ideas can only work when everyone in a community works together. However, since there may be no such a will or effort, the agenda has derailed for ages. Women are struggling to find leadership positions in government and in private sector. Further, they may be denied their basic human rights and access to resources in favor of men. However much has been achieved so far in communities as a result of social, economic and political empowerment of women.

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