A List Of Interesting Expository Essay Topics On Music

Music is an interesting topic to write about because of several reasons. As a student, you should be able to identify the difference between studying music as a subject and writing an essay on music. When you write an essay, you have to gather valuable information, use strong logic, improve vocabulary, create a sound structure, and show excellent writing skills to convey your message to the readers. When you study music as a subject, you have to dig deep and form an understanding of the terms and notes used in music, read several hundred words to understand a certain tone and grab the concept behind composition and various types of music. When you are to write about this subject, you are free to choose the topic by yourself. You can talk about the technical aspects if you like but there is much more you can write about when it comes to music.

Before you go ahead and create a topic for your paper, it is important to understand the type you are addressing. The expository style means that you do not have to include any personal opinions rather you have to build a straightforward analysis of the subject by investigating its various aspects. You have to explore various angles and answer different questions about your topic like what is it, why is it, who made it so, what you think about it etc. It is important that you understand the expository statement so that you can create an effective paper from there on.

Interesting expository topics on music

The complexity of the topic will depend upon your education level. These are only suggestions for the topics and you can pick one if you like but alter and rephrase it to avoid any plagiarism. Here is a list of expository topics you can use while writing your essay on music.

  1. Why music is called the medicine of mind? Does it possess healing qualities
  2. What is uplifting music and what instruments are used to play such music
  3. Can music affect your moods? How?
  4. Which genre of music saw the most versatility and why it happened?
  5. What do you know about pop legend Michael Jackson
  6. What would music mean in the year 2050 and what you want it to be?
  7. Which was the most disastrous era in the Rock music

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