A List Of 11 Unique Argumentative Essay Topics On Global Problems

Writing an argumentative essay about global problems first requires choosing a unique topic to research and write about. It can be difficult coming up with a topic of your own, so we’ve put together this list of 11 argumentative essay topics on global problems for you to consider:

  1. Make a case for the best likely solutions to the largest problems (e.g., poverty, war, racism, environmental destruction, etc.) that first world nations can support and effectively put into practice to combat the negative effects from increasing.
  2. What are the biggest challenges the world faces when it comes to providing effective solutions to end global hunger? Consider how some third world countries face other problems that prevent those areas from establishing plans that deliver results.
  3. There is a food bank that stores a variety of seeds from around the world housed in a Norwegian facility in case of large scale emergencies. Why hasn’t this bank been used more effectively to generate food supplies to poor and starving regions around the world more effectively?
  4. If food and water shortage are one of the main reasons behind a nation’s terrorist acts towards other areas, why do first world countries look to fight violence with more violence instead of looking towards creative solutions?
  5. Do you believe it’s more important for a country to work on developing better policies to slow down the negative effects of air pollution or should it work on more pressing matters such as defense against enemies both close and far?
  6. Is it your nation’s responsibility to provide health aid to countries around the world that are unable to take care of its people or should your country stay out of others’ business and focus on domestic issues?
  7. Is global warming an issue that is important in all parts of the world? For instance, some countries are on the fast track of development and have lax pollution laws, essentially causing more harm to the environment for the sake of financial gain.
  8. How do nation’s profit from going to war in foreign lands? Doesn’t all of this mean that war is an essential component to the national economy and therefore unlikely to cease because of it?
  9. Can the U.S. ever find a balance between peace and war that doesn’t involve destruction of foreign lands (often poorer regions) in order to combat its perceived enemies and threats?
  10. How have some nations from around the world succeeded in remaining largely neutral when it comes to matters of national security?
  11. Provide the case for the ending global hunger? Will this ever be possible or will future generations always face increasing challenges that are essentially out of anyone’s control?

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