Tried And Tested Techniques For Writing An Opinion Essay On Stem Cell Research

Opinion essays are a kind of written assignment used to help students form a personal opinion on a topic and support the belief with credible evidence from a variety of sources. One of the most controversial topics to write about is on the issue of stem cell research. Here are some tried and test techniques for writing an opinion essay on this subject:

  • Conduct Your Research
  • Start by reading a number of pieces on the subject. You can find out background information from the internet, but your in-depth research should come from reading credible academic sources. You should speak with the research librarian at your school if you want assistance getting off on the right foot with your search.

  • Brainstorm Your Position
  • Take the information you have gathered and form original thoughts and opinions about what you have learned. You shouldn’t focus too much about developing complete sentences or statements. This is really just an exercise to help you get your impressions down on paper so that you can later organize them into a cohesive opinion essay.

  • Create a Paper Outline
  • Create a detailed outline of your argument and discussion points before you start writing. This will help keep your ideas on track and will ensure that don’t forget anything when you write the first draft. Creating an outline beforehand also helps you arrange your paper in a way you believe is the most logical.

  • Write Your First Draft
  • Start writing your first draft with the intent of doing so quickly and efficiently. Don’t stop to make corrections. Keep your momentum high and aim to get all of your ideas down in a single sitting. This highly effective exercise is employed by even the most experienced writers, so don’t skip out on this important step.

  • Revise Your Argument
  • Set your work aside for a few days then return to it with a fresh mind. The break away from your paper will let you evaluate its content more critically. Look for the most effective ways to improve on the presentation and argument by removing content, adding content or rearranging content.

  • Proofread and Edit
  • The last step in writing a great opinion essay on stem cell research is thoroughly editing and proofreading your work. Do these in several steps so that you are sure not to miss anything. Your paper should be completely error free in order to improve your chances of earning high marks.

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