A List Of The Most Interesting Problem Solution Essay Topics

There are a few features that define a problem solution essay. They include:-

  • A vivid description of the problem- you are required to clearly state the problem you are handling before moving on to indicate or propose solutions. When choosing a topic, pick a problem that is of serious concern to the society. It will make your title and the actual paper more interesting to read.

  • A proposal on the solution- the second part of your essay must provide a solution. You will be required to research widely in order to avoid giving a solution that has been tested and failed.
  • An argument that the solution is cost effective, feasible, practical and workable. Some solutions are futuristic in that they cannot be supported by systems. This means that regardless of how good they appear on paper, they cannot be implemented.

  • Emphasis on why your solution is better than others. A number of attempts have been made to solve all the problems you can think of. You will be required to provide a fresh angle to finding a solution. This proposal must be convincing and eye opening. Consider all the counters you will get upon making the proposal and provide a valid rebottle.

A fresh topic will make your problem solution essay interesting to read. The list provided below can be adapted to fit your discipline of study, school, environment or level of academic work.

  1. How to effectively deal with social media bullying
  2. How can you deal with domineering and manipulative people
  3. Ways to prevent texting from affecting your face to face relationship
  4. Steps that can be taken by individuals and the society to deal with racism and stereotypes
  5. How a woman can show interest in a man without being offensive
  6. How to help a friend, colleague or age mate who is making poor life choices
  7. How can we eliminate the feeling of homelessness from the society
  8. Ways to ensure that kids from divorced parents live a healthy social life
  9. Measure to deal with the increase in gun violence
  10. Effective rehabilitation steps for prisoners to make them productive members of the society
  11. None intrusive ways of helping people to make healthy life choices
  12. How to ensure that celebrities portray a good image to children
  13. Using technology to curb data mining
  14. Using movement based video games to enhance motion
  15. How to avoid anxiety associated with mobile phones

Consider the problems affecting schools, families, political circles, sports, etc. The solutions proposed in your problem solution essay do not have to eliminate the problem. If they make the situation better than it is, they are acceptable.

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