Historically Homosexuality was treated as an illness for which there was treatments. Treatments ranged from being imprisoned in a mental institution, ECT - electrical convulsive therapy, hormone therapy or even castration. These treatments still existed into the 1950’s. As well as the treatments there was also a huge amount of social stigma, not just for the person themselves but also for their family.


In theory, everyone should have the right to love who they want and not be dictated to by society. There is also the saying that we don’t choose who we fall in love with. There is also confusion amongst the general population as to the difference between homosexuality and pedophiles. There needs to be more information available to the general public to allay unfounded fears. There is always the worry of the spread of HIV and AIDS in the gay community.

Many homosexual or ‘gay’ people have long standing relationships with their partners, and they would like to share their commitment to each other either through a civil partnership or through marriage. This show of commitment, and its recognition by society would provide security and social standing in a heterosexual world.

Many teenagers have had same sex crushes on either a teacher or a one of their friends. This does not mean that they are homosexual. Here has been a recent trend amongst students to explore their sexuality beyond the ‘crush’ stage. There needs to be more education for young people to understand their feelings.

People who are intolerant of gay people, are adamant that Homosexuality is against what is written in the bible. They say that homosexuals should not marry or have civil partnerships as marriage was designed for the procreation of children. But today there are many gay couples who have adopted children and have given those children a supportive and loving home. People also worry about homosexuality within the armed forces how it may influence their actions and how their preferences may influence other people’s behaviour to them for fear of reprisals.


People should be allowed to do what they want and love who they want without fear of reprisal. The general public needs to be educated that homosexuality does not mean being a paedophile; homosexuality is not a disease and that people needs to be aware of the richness and diversity of the human race and to show tolerance and compassion to others.

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