A Few Original Synthesis Essay Topic Ideas

Here are some ideas for synthesis essays that you might want to use:

  • The Right to Concealed Carry.
  • In this topic you can talk about the merits and dangers of the right to carry concealed weapons, and whether or not it is reasonable to give that right to all citizens, or if it is better to be selective about it.

  • Renewable vs. Non-renewable energy.
  • Research the ways in which mankind can proceed to replacing traditional sources of energy with the alternative ones, and what stops us. How efficient it can be with our current level of technological development. Is it possible for us to fully transition to renewable, ecologically safe power in this century?

  • Convicted Felons and Voting Rights.
  • Talk about the pros and cons of allowing felons with one or multiple convictions to vote. Also talk about the cases when they are forbidden to vote for the rest of their lives.

  • Medicinal Marijuana.
  • You could discuss the situation on recreational and medical drugs in general and the status of marijuana and the arguments in favor and against its use as medical treatment for various conditions. Also involve some facts about the social and economical sides of legalization and decriminalization of marijuana.

  • Ecological Impact of Internal Combustion Engines and Substances They Emit.
  • While combustion engines play the essential and predominant role in human transportation nowadays, there is irrefutable factual proof to the harm they cause to the Earth’s ecosystem and people’s health. What do the numbers say and how urgent is this problem as of today?

  • The Effects of Advertizing.
  • Explore the topic of cultural impacts of countless advertizing as well as socio-economic changes it has caused since its rapid expansion in the early XX century. Find out and inform your listeners or readers as to whether you think it should have gone some other way.

  • Major Capitalization of Music and Art.
  • Every person, talented and creative, who decides to make it the work of their life to create or perform, eventually comes across the reality of how tightly business is involved and in control of mass consumption of art. It can become a tough going for any aspiring artist to get through this jungle and onto the other side. Discuss whether it’s good or bad and which criteria are used to determine worthiness of the artist and their art. Are those criteria always relevant and important?

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