Where to Find an Example That Will Help You Write an Essay?

Essay examples are available all over the place simply because:

  • Academics are really willing to share what they have written
  • A comparison of good and bad can help you go a long way
  • Example essays are used in multiple schools

In this way, people who do write example essays never go out of business because there are always new essays to write. This article will explain where you can look in order to find example essays that will help you write your own essay well enough.


This may not be the first essay you write. In high school, you should have written multiple essays. The best place to start is from one of your own essays! Look through your old essays and pick out the ones which were well annotated by your teachers. This kind of feedback is priceless because it rectifies your own mistakes and not the mistakes of others


The library has a references section in it where teachers have been nice enough to combine previous essays written by other students (disclosed with their permission). These essays will also show you where the student went wrong or what he did write. It may not be as personal as reviewing one of your own essays, but it is a good step in the right direction; the direction being writing one of your own exemplary essays.

Other than the library/libraries at your school, there is a ton of information available on the internet, which is a library of its own. When you look at it, the internet is a database full of useful (and sometimes useless) information. It is important to segregate the two and search for exactly what you’re looking for. Once your mind is clear, you can get anything you want out of the internet. An annotated good and bad example essay may also come to your fingertips very quickly. The internet and its resources are vast so do make full use of them.

In conclusion, writing a good essay is not an easy task. If it were, then all students would be scoring A’s instead of multiple grades south of that. Thankfully, there are many helpful essays available all across. It is really up to you to find the right one that will help you on your way to writing your own successfully.

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