Samples Of Good Introductory Sentences Of An Academic Essay

When starting to write an essay with a good introductory sentence the goal is to try and give the reader an overview of a topic that is thorough and is supported by evidence. Regardless of how great an analysis you might be doing if your introduction does not do a good job it is going to make very little difference. Make sure that the introduction is able to grab the attention of the reader so that they will keep on reading. If you are not able to get people to care during the introduction then nobody is going to even bother reading the rest of your essay.

What is the intro of your essay for? All essays need this. It doesn’t matter what the intro is or what your essay is actually about, but one has to be there. Why is this? It frames your argument. It does this with the help of the conclusion. They help to frame the argument exactly the way that a frame holds an image in a picture frame.

So how is the intro supposed to be set up? The intro needs to work in a way that it gives a reader a road map of what they need to be doing. It has to provide them some information about where they will be going during the course of your essay. It has to allude to the points that you are going to make and what they may learn through the way. Maybe you should try not to include all of your evidence here but you should definitely include all of your arguments somehow. Try and include roughly one sentence for all of the paragraphs that you have in the body of your essay. Every sentence is going to explain the topic of each individual paragraph.

So what about the thesis statement of your paper? This is going to be telling the reader why the topic of your paper matters. They need to know immediately what matters about your paper right off the bat. They need to know that by the time they are done with the introduction of your paper what matters about it and why they need to care. They should know what the analysis you are doing is giving to the world.

Remember that the statement does not have to be either the first or the last line of the intro. A lot of students think that they have to have it as the first or last but this is simply not the case. You can put it anywhere you want in that intro paragraph as long as it is there somewhere. If you want to have a quote leading your paper and then follow the quote with a provoking question you can do that.

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