How Can I Make My Essay Better: General Rules

You probably have already written many essays, but you can always improve! No matter what subject you are studying, no matter what university or college you attend; being able to write a good essay will help you earn good grades! Here are some general rules and guidelines to remember the next time you have an essay to compose.

Great Essay Guidelines:

  • Have a great plan and write a comprehensive outline.
  • Take your time when formulating your thesis, and choose your words carefully. Organize your thoughts and the defense you plan to mount in your essay. Sometimes it helps to have a page for each point or paragraph that you plan to make in your essay. Write down ideas and notes that you want to include in that part. Then when you go to write the essay itself, it will be easier to keep a good, easy to follow flow, and avoid repetition

  • Get an early start.
  • Start thinking about writing your essay as soon as you receive your assignment. Even if you don't have time to make an immediate start, jot down notes and ideas as soon as possible. Your essays will also always improve when you leave yourself lots of time for writing, editing and proofreading.

  • Choose a topic that you know well, and enjoy researching.
  • Your instructors will often allow you some latitude when they assign an essay. Sometimes you will be free to choose whatever subject you wish and take any position you feel is appropriate. Take advantage of this! If you enjoy what you are researching and learning about, it will be reflected in the quality of the paper you produce.

  • Stay focused, write with authority and be concise.
  • You are guaranteed to compose a better quality essay if you avoid getting side tracked, and keep your arguments clear and concise. Avoid long-winded, “wordy” paragraphs and too many unnecessary adverbs and adjectives.

  • Check, check and then check again!
  • Always leave enough time to edit your paper, and to check for mistakes. Make use of spell and grammar check software, but remember they are not perfect! Also, be sure to check that your references, citations, and so on are in your professor's preferred format. It's a great idea to read your essay out loud, or have a friend or fellow student read your work back to you. It will give you an alternative perspective, and you may catch mistakes when you hear them, that you may have missed when you read them.

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