Creating An Outline For A One-Page Essay: Tips And Examples

Creating an outline can save you a lot more time than you may think in the actual writing process. It helps you to gather your thoughts and points in a cohesive way and allows you to have a guide for writing. For your typical five paragraph essay, an outline is pretty easy.

Here are some tips for getting ready to create your outline. First, when you are researching you should take very detailed notes so that you never have to go back to the research material. Also, gather all of your thoughts on what you want to put into it the essay and, therefore, the outline. When creating the outline you can decide what order to put them in. Below is an example of a template for an outline and what should go where within it.

  • Introduction

    • Introduce the topic
    • Give them an idea of what it is about
    • Tell them what you will talk about or what point you intend to make

  • Body paragraph 1

    • Make one point in this paragraph or focus on one fact
    • Write down detailed notes on what sentences you want to use in this paragraph
    • Each sentence will have its bullet point just like this example

  • Body paragraph 2

    • Make a separate point or focus on another fact
    • Repeat the process in the first body paragraph

  • Body paragraph 3

    • Make a third point or focus on a third fact
    • Repeat the steps in the first and second body paragraphs

  • Conclusion

    • Restate the point of the essay
    • Reiterate your points or facts here in an abbreviated way
    • Make it a solid and obvious ending

When using this outline to write the essay you should follow it exactly. If you have done it correctly, then your outline should be a blueprint for your essay. This is very important. You want to include as much detail as possible and make sure that everything is in the right place. Everything should appear in the order that it will in the paper. This will allow you to glance simply at the outline to know what to write about next. You can use full sentences if you like or just abbreviated notes on what will be included. These tips and examples should serve you well when you are creating and using your outline for your essay.

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